• What kind of procedure it is? Open or Close

    This is a natural procedure that will not only embellish your hands or feet, but also relax Your minds and gets You unforgettable excitement.

  • What a feeling it is? Open or Close

    It's a feeling you have not experienced yet. Most of our clients experience a tingling sensation for the first 30 seconds, later feeling like a slight sting.

  • What is the benefit of this procedure? Open or Close

    Softer, healthier, recovered skin and a smile on Your face!

  • Is the procedure painful? Open or Close

    The procedure is completely painless and non-dangerous.

  • Is the procedure hygienic? Open or Close

    Certainly yes!

    1. We use powerful exterior water filters filled with 4 types of filtration materials. These filters are capable of filtering 700 liters per hour of water. Our basins contain about 70 liters of water. This means that the outside filters filter out the pools for about 10 hours within an hour, and while you are sitting during the procedure, all the water in the pool is filtered at least 7 times. Filters work continuously around the clock, and during this time, the water is completely cleaned about 250 times.
    2. After the external water filtering, water sterilizers with powerful lamps are additionally used. They without sterile sterilization up to 99.9% of bacterial viruses and fungal water in each cycle. All unlikely but theoretically potent water-related miscarriages are killed up to 250 times a day!
    3. In addition, about 20-30% of the daily swimming pool is added. fresh water. This means that the entire basin water is replaced by a new one every three days.
    4. And do not forget: the best litmus paper for determining the quality of water - fish. They are very susceptible to any bacteria, viruses or fungi and to kill them ...

  • What should I know before Fish SPA procedures? Open or Close

    ♦ People with nail, skin and fungal infections with scratches are strictly forbidden to use Fish SPA;
    ♦ Dont take procedures if You are using strong medicines for skin diseases;
    ♦ After eaten dishes with lots of garlic and / or other spicy seasoning;
    ♦ Wash your hands clearly without soap or other washing products before the procedure;
    ♦ Fish SPA is not recomended after using self-tanning agents for the last 48 hours before the procedure;

  • Do I need to book Fish SPA in advence Open or Close

    Yes, You do. For all visits we are preparing personally. You are our VIP client. :)

  • Can this procedure be performed by children? Open or Close

    For the safety of fish children under 15 y.o. can perform this procedure only with the care of an adult.

  • What results You can expect from one procedure? Open or Close

    It depends on duration of the procedure: the longer You keep your legs (hands) dipped into the pool, more efect You will get. We recommend performing several procedures in a row and then repeat the procedure one or two times a month in order to ensure a lasting positive effect. Anyway also from one procedure you will feel undoubted benefits (feeling lightness, gentler skin). 

  • Are fish feed extra or they are eating only dead skin cells? Open or Close

    Fish do not eat dead skin cells, so they feed on fish food. It is very important for us that the fish are healthy and happy!